About Michelle Adams

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Welcome. . .I’m so glad you’re here!

If you’ve landed here it’s probably because you’re searching for help. Maybe you’re trying to leave a long-time career and follow a passion. Perhaps you’re a burnt out professional and you’re searching for more time and enjoyment. Or maybe it’s just time to do something different and new. . . .like start a business, travel the world, go kite-surfing, rescue all the puppies. . . .

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. It’s one thing to become an entrepreneur and another to leave a long-time career and do something totally different. I’ve done it and it wasn’t easy. I didn’t just practice law. . .I practiced law for 20 years and owned a law firm. I got burnt out and tired of the constant stress of litigation. How do you leave that to start something new? Well, I did. Guess what? I created a whole new life, new friends and even became an expert in my new field.

I discovered that yes, you can reinvent yourself at any age!

I am here to help others do what I did—-find their new life and make that transition. Are you ready?