I coach creative entrepreneurs, lawyers, other professionals and executives who are Inspired to do More. Want to become a creative entrepreneur and start a business? Want to improve your current business? Contact me and let’s get started! Or learn more about my coaching programs below.

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What’s my superpower??

Solving complex problems. For as long as I can remember, that’s what I’ve done. As a litigator those were big problems for big companies or delicate problems for the professionals I represented (like doctors and lawyers). I am strategic and I like to talk. In fact, my family thinks I talk way too much. Put that all together, along with my passion for helping people and my business skills, and you get the perfect person to help you achieve your goals. Moreover, I understand you because I was you. If you read my bio you know that I too was a person with a long career who found herself needing a change. Not knowing what I was possibly good at or how I was going to replace my income by doing something I was passionate about kept me doing my job unhappily for longer than I care to admit. All of that caused a lot of stress on my body, my mind and my family. It took a long time to deal with all those stressors and recover once I left my practice. It also was quite the journey getting to this point. I’m here to help others navigate the map a whole lot easier and more quickly.

 Can I help you?

Your success in a coaching program is determined by the time and effort you put into the program. A coach is someone who will guide you and hold you accountable to help you reach your goals, but they cannot do the work for you. There is no guarantee you will succeed unless you are willing to do the work. However, if you are ready to do the work you first need to determine, am I the right coach for you?

After over two decades of litigation practice and building two boutique insurance defense law firms I embarked upon an entrepreneurial journey when I helped to co-found a food business at the same time I transitioned to a solo practice in a new area of law.   It is true what they say—lawyers don’t learn business in law school! Fortunately when I was a new lawyer I had an amazing mentor who had superior legal skills and a great business sense, and he was willing to teach me over the course of a dozen years. That training helped me to build two boutique defense law firms to seven figures. I had superior legal skills that gained me valuable clients as well. But in 2011 I began to feel the effects of burnout from litigating for almost twenty years and restlessness from practicing law. What else was out there that I could do? Was there something for me that didn’t involve missing out on my children’s lives? Little things began happening that directed me in a new direction: my son had a seizure while I was out of town as the first chair trial attorney and I couldn’t leave to be with him; stress was wearing my body down and making me anxious and depressed; I started to dread Sunday nights. After twenty-two years of planning my days off around my litigation schedule, I wished for something different. I had listened to the same questions in deposition for too long. I watched the decline of one of my young professional clients from cancer—- who regretted not having time to spend with her two small children and had dreams of starting an art business for kids. She never got to do that. While my litigation practice had sustained me for twenty years, I knew I needed to find a better life and more happiness. I knew I needed to create more time to enjoy myself and do something creative and fun. I felt I needed to take up some hobbies so I started baking and exploring things like yoga and travel. Soon, I lived for the times that I could do those things and dreaded Mondays. I knew something needed to change.

I decided to do something different and participate in starting a creative food business. I didn’t know what I was doing—-I just dove in. It grew quickly. You only live once, right? My partner and I operated our hobby business for two years until I made a decision to go all in on that and sell my portion of my law firm to my partner and become CEO of The Sugar Path. We learned how to scale the business, even winning Barbara Corcoran’s small business contest and gaining prominent celebrity customers. To grow The Sugar Path I had to learn many new skills: website design, graphic design, customer service, ecommerce, operations, marketing, and advertising for our type of business, not to mention all of the new things I had to learn about our specific industry. I joined entrepreneurial groups, gained a mentor, hired a coach, and completed B-School.

When I left my law firm I decided to set up a solo practice to have income coming in while The Sugar Path was growing. At first I offered my services as a coverage attorney and did ADR. After scaling our business and growing a team I realized I had found a new way to use my legal skills I had never considered as a litigator. Additionally, I gained new skills like branding, social media, creating customer experiences and operations management. With time to grow a legal consulting practice, I realized that most of my business clients needed coaching more than legal services. As I began to offer coaching to the entrepreneurs I represented, I wished I had a coach when I was trying to decide what to do back when I still worked in my firm. If I wished for a coach, maybe other lawyers did as well?

If you’re on this page it may be because you are searching for help. I like to work with professionals and executives because not only am I one, but I have worked with professionals and executives for twenty-five years. As a lawyer I represented other lawyers and doctors in lawsuits. I represented big businesses and worked with the executives that ran those businesses. I get you and what you are dealing with on a daily basis.

I coach people who want to build skills. I help lawyers grow a more successful practice. I help executives gain better business skills. I can also help you figure out how to leave your career and start something new if that’s your desire. I can help you if you are burnt out and stressed, or even need to improve your partnership.   I can help you with your mindset and the start-up of a new business. My coaching areas include the following:

  1. Business Skills

  2. Professional Skills

  3. Career Decision

  4. Identifying the “something new” if you are leaving your career

  5. Achieving balance

  6. Help you to rewrite your story and/or rebrand or develop a niche

  7. Personal Development and Mindset

  8. Providing a community of powerful, like-minded and passionate people just like you.

  9. Transition to your new adventure,

  10. Start a business

I am passionate about helping others gain the skills and community you need to have a successful and inspired life.  But mostly, I am passionate about helping the people who have been made to feel that what they are doing now is all that they can do. There is more and you have skills. You can use those skills in your current field or you can use them doing something different. When I was a litigator I thought that I would never be able to be anything else. But I was wrong. I just couldn’t see all the possibilities. That is my talent to offer to you—-I can see all the possibilities for you and I can help to solve your problems.

Michelle and I had a call that changed the way I was looking at starting a business and transitioning from my corporate job into my firm full time. I was on a path spinning my wheels for a solid year. Michelle helped me break through barriers I really didn’t even know I had that were holding me back. She listened to my challenges and asked the right questions to make me think and pull me out of the slump I was in. With great ideas, a change in framework, and solid transition plan my motivation and energy was renewed. This was the start. This was what I needed as a break through—and Michelle got it. My world changed and the way I was approaching transition. I now have a plan. A REAL plan to make this happen for myself and my little family-all from a one hour call with Michelle that changed our lives.
— Robyn, Top Sales Professional and soon to be Design Firm owner

Coaching Plans:

  1. The Inspired to do More Plan for Professionals and Executives

A coaching plan for professionals (lawyers, doctors, accountants) and executives (CEO/COO/CFO) to start a business, follow a passion, go on an adventure or just gain more life

What: A coaching program to help professionals and executives who have come to realize they want something more. That more could mean staying in your profession but starting your own practice. It could mean leaving your job and starting something new. It could mean leaving your career to go on an adventure to travel the world or just create more time for your hobbies. This program gets you to your goals in 90 days, even if you don’t know what those goals are right now, or you just don’t think it’s possible. So before your next status hearing or board meeting occurs, you could have a whole new life you love.

Your Coach: Michelle L. Adams, Esq. : I created the road map and I’m going to guide you on this amazing journey. Whether you want to leave your job to open your own firm or you want to leave the practice of law altogether—I’ve done both and I can get you to your destination. But I will guide you on more than just how to leave, I will also help you work on your mindset while building new skills or a brand new business.

How: You don’t need to already know what or how. That’s why you’re here. Let me guide you. In 90 days time you will figure out what you were meant to do and how to accomplish your goals. You will start a business that provides you the income you need and the freedom you crave to transition away from the job making you unhappy. You will start living a life you love and have a business that provides you with personal fulfillment.

Details: Submit this form and let’s get on a call to talk about it.

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2. Monthly Coaching to Build Skills or Achieve Goals

What: A monthly coaching program to help professionals and executives who need to build skills, or want to achieve a goal (billables, work/life balance, personal or professional development, etc.). This is a personalized plan that may include weekly, bi-weekly or monthly phone calls, meetings and emails. The program can last until you reach your goal, or end at anytime you choose before or afterwards.

Your Coach: Michelle L. Adams, Esq. As a practicing attorney for 25 years, managing partner of a law firm that I built, and now a creative entrepreneur who has built a successful business in the food and product category, I would be honored to work with you to help you achieve your goals. Being a lawyer is hard, let’s work together and make your life better.

How: After we speak on a call I will create your personal plan for you depending on how much coaching you need and the timing of reaching your goal.

Details: Submit this form and let’s get on a call to talk about it.

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