For Professionals Who Want to Reinvent At Any Age


You’re burnt out from a career you’ve spent your life time creating. you’re too young to retire but wondering if you’re too old to start something new. . .

Your life isn’t balanced and verges on fracturing at any moment. You try and fit vacations into your work schedule and miss out on all the things important to you. . .

Your business isn’t as successful as you want it to be and you don’t know what to do. . .

You want to start a business and don’t know where to begin. . .

You’ve raised your children and now you wonder. . .is it too late to follow your own passion or return back to the job market. . .

You’re midlife and restless for something more. . .

You just got downsized and trying to find a job at 52 is, to say the least, difficult and demoralizing. . .

After a few years out of your field you realize you can’t get back in. . .

Can you be successful at something different. . .what do you have to offer the world?

Or just maybe you want to find your tribe. . .a community of supportive people to share experiences as you enter middle age.

Well, welcome to the Inspired Reinvention Club!

If any of the above statements resonate with you then you’re a perfect fit for this group. This Club is for the person who seeks to reinvent his or her life. That may mean you’re reinventing your career to follow a passion, starting a business or learning how to grow your current business. You’re probably midlife, give or take, and you’re searching for inspiration that fits your life and goals—-real help and a community of like-minded people. You’ve landed here for a reason…join us!

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When you join the Inspired Reinvention Club you are immediately invited to join our private community. Your fellow tribe members come from all over the world. They are entrepreneurs, professionals and creators. It’s a place where people are coming together to learn, grow and share. They are seeking support and giving support. We’re building skills, masterminding and networking. In this tribe we don’t allow nay-sayers or haters. (We have a strict no A-hole policy!!) There’s just not enough time for that. This tribe is different. Join this tribe if:

  1. You want to get inspired.

  2. You want to reinvent. Or you’ve reinvented and want to learn new skills, keep inspired, do more.

  3. You want to be involved in a community.

  4. You understand we may pitch our products, our masterminds and masterclasses. Part of our plan to help you is to develop these benefits for you. We believe that the Mastermind is one of the keys to success. There’s no obligation for you to buy a product or attend an event—-but we know that you’re going to want to because you’re here for a reason.


As a Club Member you will be the first to have access to the Inspired Reinvention Bootcamp, currently in production. This is a six week online course (value $597) filled with six modules, lessons and worksheets aimed at the midlife reinventer. It will help you if you want to recover from job burnout, or you have an unbalanced life. You want more freedom, more happiness and greater career satisfaction—-the Bootcamp will help you redesign your career and life. The Bootcamp is your foundation to help you create a positive mindset and plan. The Bootcamp launches in Summer 2019.


Join the Club!

Club Membership is a mere $20 per month (that’s less than your weekly Starbucks allowance!).

For that you get:

  1. Admission into the Tribe and free access to our community. This includes our Private Facebook Group with free weekly mentorship sessions from Michelle and advice on reinventing your career, life and business. (value: priceless)

  2. Half price admission to the 6 week online bootcamp when it launches. (value $300)

  3. Our weekly newsletter.

  4. First to know about and sign-up for Masterminds, Events and Masterclasses.

  5. For the first 100 people that sign up I am offering ONE FREE COACHING SESSION with me! Yes, an absolutely free coaching session. ($500 value)

Want In?

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About Michelle

Just in case this is your first stop and you haven’t had a chance to read the other pages—-Hi and Welcome! I am a coach, lawyer, entrepreneur and creative. For the first twenty years of my career (Mid-lifer here!) I focused on my legal career. Then I got burnt out, was #inspiredtodomore and, as a passionate foodie, decided to open a food business. That led me to the wedding industry, retail shop life and learning all about having an e-commerce site. Then I decided to do more still —-this time drawing on ALL my experience! I certified as a mediator and started practicing business law as most of my contacts were other creatives and entrepreneurs. Always inspired to keep reinventing, I started coaching other lawyers and then created a new coaching business to fill the need for actual coaches who understood professionals and could help them transition from their careers to reaching their goals.

My main reason for creating this club is because I felt there was a lack of groups dedicated to Mid-life reinventers. I started getting burnt out in my 30’s and didn’t even know what was happening to me. Nobody talked about “burnt” out, but they did talk about reinvention. When I heard that all I could think was, “Yes! I want to reinvent!” Through that process of reinvention and inspiration I recovered from burnout. Where would I be if I hadn’t gotten burnt out? It led me on an amazing journey —-so if you are burnt out let this give you hope.

I am a member of some really fantastic groups and I recognized the help my Tribe gave me when I needed community and to learn new skills. Community is everything! I envision this tribe to be one specifically to help the reinventer or mid-life professional seeking to get over burnout, inspired to do more, wanting to start a business or just needing a community.


What Happens When I join? When you join you will receive immediate access to our Private Facebook Group. When the Bootcamp becomes available in Summer 2019 you will also be able to purchase that for half price. Until then you will enjoy the community of our tribe and weekly Facebook mentorship videos.

What If I Want to Leave the Group? We will be sorry to see you go, but there is no obligation to stay a member! We don’t refund you for any membership fees paid to date, but all you have to do to quit and not be charged any further membership fees is to just let us know you want to move on.

What if I’m just not sure if this is right for me? We get that it can be scary to do something new. Just send Michelle a message at mla@michelleadamsconsulting.net and let’s strike up a private conversation.