Legal Services I Offer

If you have a business, or want to start one, you need to watch that bottom line.  I understand---as the CEO of a small business and the one who pays the bills, watching that money go out hurts.  However, there are some things you just need to do in order for your business to operate effectively.  Just like you need insurance and a marketing budget, you also need legal services.  Most entrepreneurs think they can get by with Google as their legal advisor but the problem with that is Google doesn't understand your business.  Google is a free resource and well. . .you kinda get what you pay for right?  It's ok to do your own research.  Honey, I LOVE to research.  I can spend all day on Pinterest to research the perfect shade of Sage Green to paint my bathroom!  (Pinterest is a research tool, right?)  That being said. . what happens if Pinterest directs me to the perfect shade of sage green and it doesn't look so hot in MY room?  Well, my bad because Pinterest doesn't factor in my unique room, sunlight or other conditions.  

If you start a business you have to own the fact that you need legal advice at some point. . .otherwise you may be putting yourself at risk.  You see, we are a very litigious society and I was kept very busy for a long time representing businesses that were sued in lawsuits.  So, don't let that happen to you!  Ok?

I offer consulting services to people looking to start a business or people who have a business.  I offer legal templates that will cover your basics. . .or you can contact me for something specific.  I also offer mediation services.  Why mediation?  Well, if you're in a partnership then you know that no matter how close you are with your partner there may come a time when you disagree.  I help partners with those disagreements so you can save the friendship before the disagreement ruins both that and the business.  Here is what I offer:

Custom Services & Consulting

The Legal Fitness Program

The Partner Pack

The Legal Seller House Program

Online Educational Courses

Legal Templates and Tools

Click the link to go to my Law Firm site where you can get more information.  Online Courses are at www.inspiredjd.com and currently in production.