Develop Your Personal Brand & Find Your Tribe Consulting Package

Develop Your Personal Brand & Find Your Tribe Consulting Package


You hear this word “branding” being tossed around everywhere. What exactly does that mean and does it apply to you?

Branding is the process of giving meaning to your company, your products and yourself. It also happens to be an area that I am super passionate about. If you go to a marketing agency they will help you “brand” your logos, your colors and your fonts. That’s all spectacular stuff—-but the type of branding I help you with goes a lot deeper. I help you create a personal connection with your consumers. Do you need that? Yes, but only if you want to sell more of what you offer.

If you’ve read my story then you know that I developed a group of dedicated consumers for my business The Sugar Path. It’s how we got on WGN Chicago’s Best TV (our customers recommended us) and how we got on the preferred list of the most sought after wedding venues in Chicagoland (again our customers). By branding ourselves with a creative story we developed our dedicated tribe and we increased our business. Yes, technical aspects such as your logo design and colors are important (so that a customer can identify your brand even without your name) but colors don’t create loyalty—-only your story does and what your company stands for. Moreover we branded ourselves so well that our customers identified our business with a “feel” and a “look”. Successful branding is when you create that connection between your business and your customers. Branding is important for attorneys too—-you’re running a business and in order to have a successful business you need to brand yourself.

This is a Personal Brand Consulting Package to help you create your company story, develop your brand through that story and find your loyal tribe of customers. By doing this you will increase your connection with your customers and in turn, increase your sales and services.

Consulting Package Includes:

  1. Branding Worksheet

  2. Consulting session to work on your story (up to Two hours)

  3. Copywriting services: After we work on the details of your story I will create it in written form and deliver it so you can use on your social media pages and website.

  4. Consulting session to work on how to weave your crafted story into your marketing efforts, including the look and feel of your business. (Up to two hours)

    Does NOT include:

    Creating a color palette, fonts, logo, or graphic design of any kind.

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